On the Rocks scented Himalayan salt crystals (17 oz, includes refresher) are a perfect way to freshen up any stylish living space without an overpowering presence. The chunky, quartz-like rocks in a high-quality, sand-etched tidbit dish to create a striking display and delightful al fresco scent with no flame, no mess.


Bonus: repurpose your dish!

It will enjoy a second life as your favorite serve-ware for olives, nuts or truffles.



Ursula Terrasi created this line of frangrances to evoke the Italian tradition of aperitivi, a delightfully civilized ritual of savoring before-dinner drinks with friends to unwind at the end of the day and whet the appetite. It’s about taking the time to relax and indulge in life's simple pleasures. 


Each unique al fresco scent brings to life the essence of an iconic Italian aperitivo cocktail: Champagna, Limoncello, and Spritz - all light and airy never overpowering. 

Sempre Beve - On the Rocks - Scented Salt Crystals

  • Sempre Beve went to great lengths to create packaging that is recyclable with no waste destined for the landfill. A portion of their profits supports conservation initiatives with proven track records.

    Their current designated recipient is The Nature Conservancy.  Because Saluté by Sempre Beve products are earth-friendly down to the last detail, you can feel good about bringing them into your home and your life. 

  • Saluté by Sempre Beve products are manufactured in the United States using natural ingredients by skilled artisans. Clean-burning candles are soy based with cotton wicks.

    American-sourced glassware containers are sand-etched by a German craftsman on the East coast; frosted finish will not flake or rub off. Glassware is dishwasher safe. Candles are hand-poured by an artisan in Kansas City.


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