London based pastry maker, Tom Smith, invented the celebration cracker after a trip to France where he was inspired by their bonbon treats. When he returned to London, inspiration struck one night as he sat listening to the snaps and pops of his fireplace. What if he could make the treats crackle like the fire when opened?Crackers evolved from treats to notes, and finally to the trinket-filled, paper wrapped, popping cardboard tubes we know today. Crackers are a perfect addition to your holiday celebration, everyday parties, and special occasions as well.

Caspari Party Hats Cone Celebration Crackers – 8 Pack

  • This box includes eight individual 10 inch long crackers, each filled with festive surprises. Crackers feature classic Caspari paper designs, bows, appliques, and more.

    Celebration Crackers each feature classic Caspari paper designs and additional luxury embellishments, such as 3D die-cut appliqués, special ribbon, and more unique details.

    Each cone shaped Party Hat cracker comes filled with dots confetti, a crown, and one trinket/toy.

    8 Crackers per Box

    10"L Crackers